Panels configuration is simply how you would like your plantation shutters to be hinged.  The most popular panels configurations are shown below.  However, we can configure your plantation shutters in any way you desire, so please let us know if you do not see what you want.

You will notice that several panels configurations below utilize T posts.  A T post is a post that we provide that gives you more flexibility in how you can hinge your plantation shutters.  T posts add strength and allow you to do very wide windows.  By using T posts, you can do windows almost any width.

Measuring Note:  If you want a panel configuration that requires T posts, the T posts are positioned by default such that all shutter panels in each window are made to be equal widths.  However, if you would like your T posts to be located otherwise, you will need to measure from the left side of the shutters to the middle of where you would like each T post.